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Church Building
Church Building
The history of the Historic Old Beaver Dam Baptist Church is preserved with the hope of inspiring our present and future congregations during this new millennium. It is our prayers that they will preserve the ideals and dreams of those who labored for so long, enduring many hardships while working in this area of the Lord's Vineyard. Certainly, God has been our shield and strength. He has guided us with His counsel, blessed us by His providence and inspired us by His spirit.

The Old Beaver Dam Baptist Church purportedly, was organized by Brother Mark Clark, Sister Sarah Clark and others. The founding members would congregate at a bush harbor under a large cedar tree, about 300 yards from where the present church stands. Later in 1891 on the twelfth day of September, Mr. Earnest Merchant, a White man, deeded 1.23 acres of land to Richard P. and Sarah Clark, for the purpose of building a black Church.

On November 7, 1901, Rev. W. N. Peterson organized and built the first Church. The first deacon to be ordained at Old Beaver Dam Baptist was Bro. Pinkney Wilson. On the cornerstone of the church, Rev. Peterson and Deacon Pinkney Wilson's names were inscribed.. Rev. Peterson continued to faithfully serve for many years, and after he retired many ministers served the church. Rev. Jim Harmon, Rev. Means, Rev. B. B. Bibbs, Rev. Harvin Nelson, Rev. Watson, Rev. Sonny Boozer, Rev. J. R. McMorris, Rev. Henry Wilson, Rev. Parrot, Rev. Horsley, and Rev. Hall. The lineage continues with Rev. Brocy's, Rev. Henry Gilliam, Rev. J. T. Crosson serve as pastor.

In 1940 the Rev. M.C. Freeman was elected pastor, In October of 1951 Rev. I. B. Brooks was elected pastor In January 1957 Rev. W. L. Mines was elected pastor On March 26, 1961 Rev. W. C. Sanders Rev. D. A. Shell was elected pastor in 1974. On February 7, 1981, we lost our church by fire, caused by an unknown origin. The Newberry County Fire Department fought in vain to save the main building, but the Fellowship hall was rescued. The deacons and mothers of the church implemented an adopt-a-child program, through the Sunday school, which ensured that each child was presented with a Christmas gift In March 1982 Rev. William A. Cleveland was elected pastor of the Old Beaver Dam Baptist Church In 1989 Rev. Tommy Rush was elected pastor of Old Beaver Dam Baptist Church. In Nov 19th 1995 Rev. Malachi Duncan was elected pastor of Old Beaver Dam Baptist Church. In April 22, 2007, Rev. Robert Lomax was elected pastor of Old Beaver Dam Baptist Church. In October 19, 2008, the Rev. Robert McClinton was elected pastor. Have all provided pastor-ship to the Old Beaver Dam Church. Under Pastor McClinton leadership, Old Beaver Dam has been taken to new heights.

In closing, we the Pastor, Deacons, Deaconesses, Sunday school teachers, the transportation drivers, the ushers, and members greet you on this occasion of our 120th Church Anniversary observance. We've come this far by faith and God has blessed our congregation immensely. Our founding members planted those seeds of faith through which God continues to bless us today. This congregation has a glorious past and God has shown us that His expectations of us are even greater today. For our fore-parents had less but gave a lot. We acknowledge God's divine influence in all that Church Sanctuary

Church Sancturary
we do and the active power of the Holy Spirit in every step we take. For we are aware of the Greatest Leader in history is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thank you for joining us today. Thank you to each member for your hard work and faithful service. Let each of us strive to always be like Jesus.

Mission Statement

The mission of Old Beaver Dam Baptist Church is to be on one accord, leading souls to Christ through teaching and evangelizing in a loving spirit while promoting a spirit of fellowship.

Vision Statement

A Church Whose Vision is Jesus Christ. Upon this rock I will build my Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18